Picnic Perfection- Including the Perfect Summer Sandwich

As summer winds down, I am definitely trying to squeeze in a few more day trips. It’s so important to maximize every second of this beautiful weather. (I definitely need to get better at relaxing, but I will save that for the winter).

Today, I took my mom, nephew, and niece to the Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, CT, which was about an hour and a half drive.

imageI didn’t know what to expect from a Dinosaur Park, but seriously no matter how old you are, you have to be at least a little bit curious about Dinosaurs. T-rexes were pretty awesome creatures. The park consisted of an enclosed area that contained Dinosaur fossil footprints from 200 million years ago, a picnic area, and plenty of nature trails to hike.


I’m a girl who seriously loves a picnic, so I was very excited to put one together. I believe a good family picnic consists of the following things:

  1. Water, Lemonade, or Wine 🙂
  2. Fresh Sandwiches
  3. A Salad
  4. Healthy Chips
  5. Fresh Fruit

For this picnic, I included the sandwich I have been eating nonstop all summer long. It is so simple that I feel silly even discussing it, but it’s all I crave.

The Perfect Summer Sandwich

Tomato-Avocado Delight

imageThis sandwich is proof that you do not need meat to create a filling and enticing sandwich. I typically start with a whole grain, all natural bread, or toasted Ezekiel bread. I then place a base layer of spinach, top that with a few tomato slices, 1/2 an avocado, and a light sprinkle of salt and pepper.

This sandwich tastes amazing with fresh summer tomatoes. The avocado is filled with healthy fats that will keep you feeling full for hours. I literally want one right now.

To accompany the sandwich, I love to have a healthy salad, which provides an added dose of key nutrients. For today’s picnic, I purchased the Edamame Succotash from Dave’s Marketplace.

edamamesuccatashtammyThis salad is described as “a vegetable medley of edamame beans, white corn, red peppers, red onions, summer squash, and a touch of white zinfandel dressing.” That combination is a real winner in my book.

Edamame is a good source of vegetable protein, and onions are one of the most potent disease-fighting foods.

I also included easy to eat fruits, such as grapes, kiwis (that were cut up), and peaches.

This picnic really inspired me to want to plan more in the future. I definitely wouldn’t mind a romantic Fall picnic for two, with the gorgeous foliage, a bottle of wine, and this baby…

sp839This looks like picnic perfection, and comes with everything a true picnicker would need! You can find it here.

Here’s to planning some fabulous picnics!

xoxo Rebecca

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