A Fun Speech Icebreaker

As some of you may know, I am actually a middle school speech pathologist by trade. This week I am just getting to know a lot of my students, so I wanted to have them participate in a fun icebreaker. Naturally, I turned to Pinterest for some creative ideas.

Below is my creation of a “Throw and Talk” ball that I found on the site. I covered a white volleyball (4 dollars at Walgreens) with various personal opinion questions, most of which required more than a one word answer. (You can always ask for explanations, which will help students to expand upon their thoughts).

imageTo take a turn, the student throws the ball to another classmate. The student who catches the ball must answer the question located under their right thumb. Not all of my activities are winners, but this one definitely interested them! Thanks, Pinterest! This could be adapted to a fun party game for friends too.

Next, I have a couple of my new school-worthy finds:image

-I am loving my new striped lunchbox. It was only 3 dollars from the Christmas tree shop. It’s amazing because it expands, has organizing pockets, and it’s insulated!



image-Also obsessed with this jewelry tray from TJ Maxx. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I love the quote, and it’s very useful to hold my rings when I’m typing, as well as other small odds and ends that end up looking like clutter on my desk.


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