Lunchtime Blitz! Week 1

Today is the start of the Fit for Fall Challenge, so I thought it would be fun to add a Lunchtime Blitz to the challenge! Every day during lunch, I want us to complete a few moves that aren’t sweaty, but help keep us on track and not sedentary during the day. (I definitely don’t enjoy being sweaty at work!)

First of all, I challenge us all to complete a half mile walk after our lunch. (Figure about 8 minutes of walking, which is a great way to help aid with digestion.) To accomplish this, you could take a few laps around the building, or even venture outside to enjoy the crisp Fall weather. For Week 1, I also included one toning move a day.

Monday: 20 standing back leg lifts (per leg) and 1/2 mile walk

Tuesday: 20 chair tricep dips and 1/2 mile walk

Wednesday: 20 chair leg lifts with thigh shaper (per leg) and 1/2 mile walk. (For this move: While seated, raise the right leg to knee level and then extend entire leg to the right side. Move leg back and lower. Return to start. Repeat with opposite leg).

Thursday: 20 desk pushups and 1/2 mile walk

Friday: 20 standing leg adductions (per leg) and 1/2 mile walk

Can’t wait to get started!

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