Pumpkin Dishes!

Here’s a picture of the pumpkin I recently carved. I modeled it after my favorite emoji! Can you guess which one? Useful tip: After carving, spray down the pumpkin with a clorox-based cleaner. I know greenworks makes one,as do other cleaning agents. This will preserve the pumpkin, while also keeping away squirrels from eating the pumpkin if you choose to keep it outdoors.
Here are some various pictures of the guests enjoying all of the delicious pumpkin flavors. In addition to eating, our hosts (Michael and Ben) provided great entertainment with some fun trivia games about pumpkins. For example, did you know that before carving pumpkins, people actually carved TURNIPS? Well, now you know!
Here is a picture of one of the most well-liked dishes of the night- pumpkin quesadillas! These quesadillas seemed like a TON of work to make because instead of using regular cheese, they were made from cashew cheese. I know that the cashew cheese consists of cashews (of course), and nutritional yeast, which gives the cheese the imitation flavor of regular cheese. Apparently, you can change up the consistency of the cheese depending on how long the cashews are processed. If I become lactose intolerant in the near future, I will definitely try these out!   Here are the perfectly portioned pumpkin-shaped pizzas! Made from dough, these small pizzas can have any topping of your choosing! These are adorable because of the great veggies used to make the pumpkin face. If you choose to make these, cook the dough for a bit before adding toppings to ensure they do not burn!

Here are the delicious pumpkin stuffed shells! In all honesty, I have no idea how these are made but they were amazing! I liked them mainly because they were not too dry or burnt, which can frequently be an issue with ricotta-stuffed shells.

Going along with the Italian theme, the pumpkin macaroni and cheese was also scrumptious. It had just enough cheese, pumpkin bits of bacon. Personally, I don’t like too much bacon with my macaroni and cheese so it worked out well! The pumpkin was not overpowering so it tasted just like a traditional and comforting mac and cheese. This is a perfect dish to bring over to anyone’s house because of the ability to reheat it in just minutes for all to enjoy!

One of the pumpkin dishes that I could not keep my hands away from were the flavored pumpkin seeds. Our wonderful hosts carved their own pumpkins and toasted the seeds for our party. They added some fresh spices such as cinnamon and salt to bring the seeds to life.

Lastly, a pumpkin party wouldn’t be one without desserts! Here are some of the muffins featured at the party. In addition, there were cream cheese frosted muffins, as well as pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips. Those were my personal favorite dessert of the evening. I Hope you enjoyed the pictures from the pumpkin party! We had tons of fun while trying some new pumpkin dishes! What’s your favorite pumpkin-themed dish?

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