Goals for the Week

Happy National Nap Day! Can’t wait to celebrate later, since I’m seriously dragging after this clock change.  Regardless of my lack of energy, I still want to make the time to accomplish some major goals this week:

quote today


  1. Make a Daily To-Do List: This was super helpful for me last week for daily task management. I usually write them on a post it note, and anything I don’t accomplish for that day, I will transfer to the next day (and remember to do it!)
  2. Try out these two new recipes: Cauliflower breakfast pizza and cacao and coconut date balls
  3. Do one hour of professional development online. I need 30 hours every three years, and I’m VERY behind.
  4. Use the duolingo app for 10 minutes a day to help learn a second language. I just downloaded this last night, to help me learn Spanish, and it’s so fun. In just minutes a day you can learn a new language. Definitely give it a try.
  5. Research garden ideas. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I know that I need to do my research first before I get started.
  6. Seriously Blog More!
  7. Pick out one thing to buy with tax return
  8. Return Library Books–I didn’t get to finish them either. I’m so behind on everything!
  9. Organize clothes and donate at least 5 items

I hope everyone accomplishes their goals and has a great week!

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