Meal Plan for the Week

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I attached my meal plan for the week right here:  Meal Plan August 31

1976-the-fonzI definitely recommend keeping a food journal to see how well you stick along to your own meal plan. It is always interesting to reflect on, to see where you can improve or modify. The meal plan I attached is what works well for me during the week. This week will be a little different because school does not officially start until Thursday. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are meeting days, so my eating plan may be a little weird those days, as I don’t know what will be served for us.

Recipes are as follows:

Guacamole Wrap: Ezekiel Tortilla, 1 packet Wholly Guacamole, Lettuce, and Sliced Tomato

Salad: Lettuce, Sliced Almonds, and any veggies on hand.

Muffins: I love to make a healthy baked good for the week. This week I am going to make these.

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