Fit For Fall Challenge

Very excited for this year’s Tone It Up Fall Challenge, which kicks off on September 21st! I know I’ve been slacking a little bit with workouts, so I’m excited to kick it into high gear again.

Meeting Karena and Katrina in NYC in May of 2014!

If you’re not familiar with Tone It Up, it is a lifestyle company spearheaded by two women, Karena and Katrina, who are so positive and inspiring. Their workouts are fun, and they always come up with interesting moves. Every week they release a new schedule, so things never get monotonous.

Fit For Fall will include weeks of workout challenges, new videos, personal challenges, and an opportunity to earn prizes. This year, participants are using the app “Charity Miles” to log their miles. A sponsor will then donate to a charity of the person’s choice for each mile logged! (I need to update my phone so that I can participate too!)

I’ve done several of their challenges at this point, and always find it exciting to connect with others. I believe these challenges help to organize me and to give me a real push. In the meantime, you end up learning a lot about yourself and you can’t help but  bask in the positivity!

To learn more about the Fit For Fall Challenge, and to sign up, check out the Tone It Up website under Fit for Fall. Can’t wait to get started! Below is one of my favorite videos they produced:

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