Goals and Meal Plan for October 5-9

I just started watching the movie Gone with the Wind, and it’s as amazing as you would expect from a classic. I’ve only watched half so far, because it is very hard for me to sit through an entire movie and not fall asleep!

My mom gave me my middle name “Leigh” after Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind. She always remarks that I have the same attitude too where I will put off worrying about something until “tomorrow.” It’s not that I don’t care about things, but I often put tasks off. Although I feel this reduces my stress-level, I do need to get better at task management. This school year, I’m trying to use more “to do” lists to accomplish things, so I don’t forget about them. I just jot down a few things in my planner that  I want to accomplish each day, and it has really improved my procrastination abilities, and I still don’t worry about the big things until I REALLY have to!

Goals for the Week:

  1. Journal all of my meals
  2. Go for a Hike over the weekend
  3. Try one new thing I’m afraid of!
  4. Walk 6 charity miles before Saturday.
  5. Complete Week 2 of the the Fitness Blender challenge.
  6. Follow (and don’t stray) from my meal plan for the week:

Weekly Template October 5

I haven’t been to the market yet this week, so I will have to grab all of the ingredients I need today, and I will post some recipes throughout the week for a few of the dishes. I’m definitely excited to try out the zucchini pizza, spaghetti with brussels sprouts, and to concoct a healthy spinach “pie.” I’m going through a real spinach pie kick, and want to make one that’s a bit healthier for me.

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

A Good Dried Fruit Bar or choose a LaraBar

Have a great week everyone! Let me know your goals for the week.

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