Cape Cod Adventures

I’ve literally been the worst blogger of all time, but I needed some time to relax and regroup (again). My sister is so disappointed in me for being so awful, but I’ve been having trouble sitting in front of a computer.

This past weekend I spent some time in Cape Cod. We stayed at the Carriage House Inn in Chatham, MA. It was my first bed and breakfast, which I was so excited about, and the innkeepers were so sweet and helpful. It seriously seems like a dream job.

Below are some random pics from the weekend. I highly recommend trying out a Bed and Breakfast at some point, I’m obsessed.

Stopped for a drink and some appetizers in P town. They had the best Brussels Sprouts I’ve ever tasted. The difference was the addition of truffle oil. Perfection!


In Hyannis we stopped at a Cafe and Juice Bar. We split an Apple, Beet & Ginger Juice, the best turkey wrap I’ve ever had, and an amazing large salad. I’m obsessed with splitting meals, so I don’t overeat, and I can try new things.


I’m obsessed with word games, and they’re even more fun by a fire. Unbeatable so far 🙂


Not a healthy part of my trip, but no successful trip happens without a few homemade cookies.


This is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had, made at Franizzi’s in Provincetown. The bartender made it up for me and called it a “Mocha,” made out of Godiva Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Vodka, and a splash of Kahlua.


The cute stores up here have such fun, unique items.


Breakfast in the morning was always so exciting, since you didn’t know what the innkeepers were going to whip up for you. This was an Apple Pie Pudding, made with almond milk, a cranberry tea cake, and some mini sausages.


It was fun to see these gorgeous beaches in the offseason. 


Race Point Beach in P Town


Seriously Provincetown looked like a movie set, and it is definitely worth seeing. There are tons of beautiful art pieces scattered throughout the town. I fell in love with the look of this beautiful library. It looks like a cake topper.


Some French delights from PB Boulangerie. Two macarons, I split this croissant, and an espresso. 

Eggs Benedict Breakfast. Hollandaise on the side.


So cute and cozy!

Being creepy, but seriously, how amazing is the random art around town?

I love being outdoors and exploring areas on vacation. So many cute beaches to stop and see!

We had a ton of fun biking in January. We did about 12 miles, and I fell off my bike right near the end. 

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