Meal Plan for February 1st

I’m excited to start up my Meal Plans again. I took a few weeks to follow an online Meal Plan, just to get some new ideas and reassess my eating patterns. I enjoyed having everything planned out for me, but missed selecting exactly what I wanted.

So now I am back at it, and you can find my meal plan here: Meal Plan February 1

This week, I included these muffins I plan on making. I’m literally the worst baker, but I really enjoy having a baked good that’s healthy for me, so I hope they come out edible.

Additionally, I purchased tangelos because they were on sale at Whole Foods this week, but you can use any citrus fruit.

For your piece of dark chocolate, make sure to use a bar that exceeds 60% cacao.

Hope everyone has an amazing week! One of my goals for this week is to not drink any alcoholic beverages during the workweek.


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