Holistic Happenings: Weekend Update

This weekend ended up being chock full of activity. I’m not the kind of person who likes to sit around relaxing, so that was perfect for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to squeeze in a workout or eat as healthy as I would have liked, but that happens and I can’t get too hung up on it.

I also didn’t take too many pictures, so bear with me!

Skinny Margarita: This drink was so good! I was reading over the drink menu at Red Rice, debating on what to order. This is always a battle for me, because you see so many drinks with insane amounts of artificial colors and sugars. The bartender recommended I try her version of a Skinny Margarita, which consisted of:

  • Tequila
  • Triple Sec
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • No Salt Rim

Tequila is actually the “cleanest” alcohol there is. I try not to drink too much of it, but it’s great in this cocktail. Also, make sure not to have a salted rim, in order to decrease chance of bloat.

Conjuring 2: This sequel was AMAZING! I don’t see many movies, but this one had such an interesting story, and I loved that it was based on a true story. I ended up screaming many times in the theater. The two hours flew by (except for the fact that the guy in front of us would not get off of his phone. He thought the movies were a perfect time to find job opportunities online).

  • Side Note: Remember NEVER to order movie theater popcorn. The butter on it is SO bad for you. I’m not even talking about the FAT and CALORIE count. Literally, it’s filled with chemicals:
The artificial-butter-flavored topping is typically made mainly from hydrogenated soybean oil (another trans fat), artificial flavoring, beta carotene for color, and preservatives. Different theaters use different brands or supply sources, but this roster of toxic ingredients is typical.

One “flavoring agent” used in popcorn “butter” is called diacetyl, and it has been associated with lung disease among workers in the factories where it’s made.

Read more about it here

Trader Joes: Had a few minutes to beat the traffic to head to TJs. It’s such a great time of year, with the berries in season (and cheaper!) It’s also Mango Season at TJs, so you can expect to find all types of mango flavored foods and recipes. This includes Mango Gummies, Mango Candles, Salads with Mango, Sweet & Spicy Mango Dressing, and Mango Cereal Bars. The best type of Mango is definitely a fresh one! I love it chopped up into a salsa, like this simple but tasty recipe!

Beach: It was exciting to try out a new, quieter beach. Going to the beach is a workout in and of itself, as you have to lug around a thousand things, set them up, keep setting them up as they get blown around. I love a good beach walk to clear my head

  • Sunscreen wise: This is a stressful topic! What I know is that traditional sunscreens can sometimes be worse for your skin than the sun itself. Your skin is the biggest organ, which will absorb anything you put on it. Today’s typical sunscreens have a ton of chemicals. This is bad enough, but these same chemicals get heated up in the hot sun, making them even more toxic to your body.
  • The safest ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
  • I used this Alba sunscreen. It didn’t rub in as easily as traditional sunscreens, but the coverage worked well, and no one was burnt.


Additionally, I got to see my nephew’s game, visit my grandparents, and watch the Belmont with my family! Overall, it was a great weekend!

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