Major Goals

The past few months I’ve taken some time off from blogging to relax, and I was also feeling a lot of eye strain. I just started to feel as though I was always on a computer, between work and blogging. I was also feeling super uninspired, which is the worst, when all you want is to be creative and have an outlet. 

But then I started to really miss it. It took time but I realized that I blog because I love sharing helpful information with people. I want to help people to be healthier and to have better qualities of life. Therefore, I am definitely back and ready to share new content.

First off, My Goals for the Week:

  1. To blog consistently every day, (at least 30 minutes) even if it takes a few days to complete a post.
  2. Do 2 speech hours toward my certification.
  3. To reach my fitbit goal daily (Last week I missed a day). The people in my fitbit challenges are so competitive.
  4. Finish my book (The Rumor by Elin Hildebrand)
  5. Do at least 3 morning workouts
  6. Stay positive and enjoy the last full week of school

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