LG Summer Sista Fitcation

My sister and I are always up to try new fitness challenges. They’re exciting because it’s always something different, which is important because we love variety, and hate being bored. I’m not someone who could attend the same fitness class multiple times a week. My attention span is so compromised.

My favorite fitness buddy and I have participated in multiple Tone It Up Challenges, 2 Fitness Blender challenges, and a Bombshell Body Guide.

Since it’s summer and we have a bit more free time, we decided to look around for something new. That’s when I discovered Lauren Gleisberg’s Summer Fitcation Challenge.

This is an 8 week program. You can purchase the Gym or At Home version. I bought both so that I have a version to use while at the gym, but if I don’t want to go to the gym, the pressure is off!

Both guides are easy to follow. They include an introduction and talk about weight lifting in general. Topics include muscle hypertrophy, progressive overload, her thoughts on cardio, stretching and supplements. The weight lifting program comes with a program calendar, an optional beginner phase, and two other phases. (Each phase is 4 weeks). There are also photos included of each move, which I’ve needed to reference several times in order to make sure my form was right.

What appealed to me about the program was the focus on weight training, which some of the other programs I’ve tried have lacked. Lauren indicates that weight training is a form of HIIT, so you will be enjoying an afterburn, and burning calories all day!

The challenge is only 3 days in so far, so it would be great if anyone wanted to join in with us! We have completed one Push Workout, and one Pull Workout. The home versions involve simple tools, like dumbbells, resistance bands, jump rope, and a step.

I’ve seen online that many people do these workouts in addition to others, but Lauren notes on her site that extra workouts are not necessary and may be counterproductive.

I plan to update progress after 4 weeks, and then again at the end of the challenge.

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