Dairy Alternatives-Part 1 Milk

Starting school again has been exhausting! It’s definitely challenging getting used to a routine again.

Today, I am starting a series on Dairy Alternatives. Initially, I started avoiding dairy around age 21, when I noticed it kept making me sick. I had become lactose intolerant, and it was awful! I couldn’t eat anymore pizza, ice cream, or drink milk without getting very sick. I realized just how much I loved dairy, and I was devastated. Since then, I have found a ton of delicious alternatives, and I have learned in the mean time how bad dairy can be for our bodies.

almond-milkIn the amazingly informative book “Whole,” the author and researcher, Dr. Campbell noted that a 1968 report from India showed that higher dietary protein increased AF-induced tumor development. The protein used was casein (a protein in dairy) and he noted that this dramatically and convincingly promoted cancer. Dr. Campbell went on to say that “casein is the most relevant chemical carcinogen ever identified.” In his 1980 Federation Proceedings article, he discussed that although consuming cow’s milk protein leads to cancer, “cancer halts or goes into remission once milk protein consumption is stopped.” This last part is promising because it means that although we may have done damage to our bodies, it is never too late to fix it and reverse the damage.

This may still be scary information, and very unpleasant because of our culture’s love for dairy products, and because we have been taught our whole lives that milk is good for us. But the truth is that it’s not, and it definitely feels better to be aware of the facts so that we can take preventative measures to avoid sickness and disease.

Below I have included my favorite Cow’s Milk Alternatives. You may even enjoy these more than the taste of cow’s milk! Make sure to read labels and when possible, purchase products made from organic ingredients, and those with no awful additives such as carageenan.

Almond Milk

product_707This is my go to non dairy milk. It has a neutral taste, works well with any flavor in a smoothie, and I enjoy it with granola or cereal. I would love to make it from scratch sometime, but so far I have only purchased ready-made versions of it. Occasionally in the winter, I will buy chocolate almond milk and warm it up to make a delicious hot chocolate.

Coconut Milk

A1M7WB0FbSL._SY606SX396_SY606_CR,0,0,396,606_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_SX396_SY606_CR,0,0,396,606_SH20_This is my favorite milk for when I want to add a tropical taste to my smoothies, as it tastes great with pineapple or berries. I also love adding this milk to my iced coffee to give it a little coco-nutty flavor. You can never have too much coconut in your life. Full fat versions of coconut milk can be used to make a whipped topping, and added to thai dishes, and various sauces.

Cashew Milkcashew-choc-lg

This is my new favorite. I typically buy it in chocolate, and love it in smoothies. Sometimes I just drink it straight up because it tastes like such a treat. It has a creamier taste and texture than almond milk. It would also make a great ice cream base.

Although these are my favorites, there are other great non dairy milk options such as soy, rice, and hemp. Try out different types and see what tastes good to you!

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