Weekend Wrap-up: Color Run!

This weekend was fantastic. I’m the kind of person who is not good at relaxing, but loves to jump from plan to plan to plan. I definitely need to include more down time, but I will work on that later!


My sister, and our friend Cathryn went to see The Band Perry. We ended up scoring second row tickets at the box office. What a fun show they put on, and Kimberly Perry’s vocals were amazing.


The next video isn’t footage from the concert I attended, but it was my favorite song they sang there. Goosebumps!


The day started off with some apple picking with my mom and the nephew. image image image

Later on in the day, I attended my first “Couch Party.” It was so perfect, because the four of us relaxed on the best couches ever, ate a ton of Chinese food (eek! but delicious!) and watched Lifetime movies!



Today I had to wake up super early for The Color Run Providence. My sister and I ran this last year, but it was our friend Kim’s first time. This is the kind of 5k that you don’t want to sprint through, there is no need. It’s a fun one to jog slowly, and enjoy. You pass through five “color stations,” where you are doused with a color. New this year, they added a “Shine” station where you are covered in glitter! (Which I haven’t been able to wash off yet, by the way, haha). It really is the happiest 5k–There are bubbles, and unicorns, and colors! It was also a sunshiney day, which always makes things even better. 🙂

When you run into a unicorn, you must pose with it!
She was obsessed with the rules!
I’m the only crazy person to bring a coffee to the start line.

12038005_10100268316184187_8411588788436117134_n 12038265_10100268316249057_8597307333841893905_n

The Finish Line Party was so much fun, we danced to the best music and got to throw more color packets in the air. We definitely got colorful!

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