Don’t Peel that Skin!

Now that Autumn is finally here, it is time to grab your friends and run to your nearest farm to participate in all those fun outdoor activities, such as cider tasting, hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and apple picking!

Today we are going to discuss what a vital role all of those perfectly picked apples can have regarding the health of our bodies.

Apples are a fruit which are important to buy organic when possible. A lot of people are concerned about pesticides which remain on the peels of apples after being picked. They’re fearful because these chemicals can’t even be washed off in the sink, so they may turn to peeling the apple. However, this is not the answer, as you will learn in the video below. The majority of the healing and nutritional properties of an apple reside in the peel. This amazing fruit even has the ability to suppress tumors.

Michael Greger, M.D. is one of the people I always turn to for nutritional and holistic advice. He provides information that is always evidence based and not biased.

I always wonder how things like this work. Apparently, the apple  peels work on tumor suppressor gene Maspin, inside the cancer cells. A tumor suppressor gene means that, when working properly, it can act like a brake pedal, and prevent the cell from turning cancerous. In addition, maspin also has antiangiogenic properties. This means that it can stop tumors from growing their own blood vessels. Somehow, tumor cells find a way to turn this gene off, whereas apple peels find a way to turn it back on. This makes them antiproliferative, which means the peels will help prevent the growth of bad cells.

I think that is a fascinating function of an apple peel. They even have more benefits to our bodies. The peel contains a good amount of fiber, to make you feel fuller, and to promote better digestion. The skin also contains a compound called quercetin, which helps to improve lung function. Quercetin may also help to improve memory, as it was tested on rats in a 2004 study, and helped to fight off tissue damage linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative diseases. (Source: Huffington post). Remember, you can’t just extract the parts of the apple and take them in supplement form. It is the work of all parts of the fruit synergistically that provide our bodies with these plush benefits.

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