Fall of Healthy Activities

The best part about living in New England is our amazing Fall season. Autumn is the ultimate cozy time, as the first whispers of cooler air bring forth landscapes of the most vibrant colors, people bundled in the softest of fabrics, and the ability to over-indulge in pumpkins, scary movies, leaf-peeping, and hot beverages.

There are also so many Fall-centered activities to help keep with your fitness goals, while taking part in the best parts this season has to offer.

  1. Corn Maze

corn maze

Every year, my sister and I participate in a corn maze at Salisbury Farm in Johnston, RI. The theme changes annually, so you can never get familiar with the path, and we have a blast getting lost among the stalks. We eventually have to use the map to find our way out, because we somehow always accidentally end up back at the beginning of the maze. This is such a great way to get in a long walk (fitbit steps), and have some fun. Since corn mazes take place on farms, it’s a good opportunity to buy some fresh fall produce and/or some pumpkins!

2. Haunted Tours


Another great way to get in some steps is to take a haunted tour of your nearby city. I took one of Providence, and learned a lot of interesting facts while walking up and down the steep hills of the capitol. I even learned that one of our local libraries contains books whose covers are made out of human skin. Pretty sure that was a fact I needed to know!

3. Hike


This is my favorite way to leaf-peep, as they say. Hiking trails become even more beautiful and photo-worthy when the leaves illuminate the beauty of the forest. Fall is a great time to hike mountains, and/or do some trail running.

4. Monster Dash


A monster dash, or any other local Halloween-centered 5K, is a great way to get in some exercise while in costumes with your friends. It’s also always a great conversation starter with other race participants who wear crazy costumes. I remember last year basically everyone was “Batman,” so I’m going to try and be a bit more creative.

5. Halloween “WODs”

Up and Autumn WOD Challenge -This was found under instagram user @seashellsandsitups, and looks fun. Every day of the challenge she posts a new Halloween-focused WOD on her site.

Quick Workouts for Halloween-This website lists 15 different Halloween workout printables, good to add on to any workout routine.


6. Raking Leaves


I don’t have the biggest attention span for this activity, but it is an amazing workout. As long as your yard isn’t overwhelmingly large, it might be fun to make a leaf pile as well.

7. Yoga for Autumn


I learned from this website that different seasons involve different yoga poses. This site lists five different poses, and includes excellent tips about how to transition to a healthier Fall.

8. Halloween HIIT

I’m a big Millionaire Hoy fan, his energy is contagious! I was very excited to see that he had created a fun 30 minute HIIT routine, perfect for keeping you in the holiday spirit!

9. Pumpkin Workout

This video demonstrates a fun routine that you can use your picked pumpkin for!

10. Halloween-Centered Toning

This is another fun and quick toning video that will put you in the Halloween spirit while staying healthy.

11. Workout Music to Hike/Run/Dance to

No matter what your activity of choice is—running, hiking, dancing, roller skating, football etc., it can become a fun Fall activity with the right music. Enjoy!

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