Trader Joe’s Shopping Trip–On A Budget

Shopping at the market can definitely be overwhelming. What do you need for the week? What do you plan to make? These are questions I try to figure out before I head to the market, but I also improvise on occasion once I see the sales and the fresh seasonal produce.

It’s important for me to stay within a budget, because I used to go really overboard, and sometimes I really bought a lot more than I needed. I try to aim to spend around 50 dollars to feed myself for the week. There are a few purchases I made that weren’t really necessary, but it’s hard to escape Trader Joe’s without buying a few fun items, like the Pumpkin Butter, and S’Mores Bites.

TJ 2

My receipt:

  • Coconut Chips Sweetened….1.99 (A must buy at TJs)
  • Spring Water….0.69
  • Organic Green Tea Bags….2.99
  • Veggie and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips…2.49
  • S’more Bites…4.29
  • 12oz bag of Chocolate Chips…1.99
  • Strawberry Cereal Bars…1.99
  • 8oz Banana Chips…1.29
  • Vietnamese Inspired Shrimp Salad…4.49
  • Multi-Grain Wheat Sprouted Bread…3.99
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes (2)….1.58
  • Half Gallon Almond Milk Unsweetened…2.99
  • Apples (4)…2.75
  • Cucumber…1.29
  • Lemons (2)….0.98
  • Edamame…2.99
  • Cut Fruit Tropical Medley…3.99
  • Avocados (2)…1.98
  • Brussels Sprouts…2.49
  • Pumpkin Butter…2.29
  • Bananas (4)…0.76

Total: 50.88

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