A KIND-a Berry Yogurt Parfait

This healthy and filling breakfast powered me through last week, so I rushed to Whole Foods today to repurchase the ingredients.


It’s really easy to throw together and can be customized to suit your needs. The base I used was Nancy’s Cultured Soy Yogurt, but any yogurt will do. This is a great product, described on their website as being “made with fresh organic soymilk and Nancy’s own amazake. Fully cultured with live probiotics and cultures. A delicious fully non-dairy alternative. Added calcium for your good health. Gluten free and kosher certified.” Remember, soy is good for you, as long as it is not processed: Read this important article!


The next step is to crumble up a KIND bar of your choice. I like to do this because you know you’re getting one serving of healthy grains. If I’m left to my own devices I typically overdo granola.

Next layer–berries of your choice (or any other fruit)

Next up—-chia seeds, peanut butter, chocolate chips (or any other topping of your choice).


So customizable and easy to throw together in the morning to fuel you until 10:00 snack time! (I eat A LOT)

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