GBOMBS for Disease Prevention!

An important question I get asked a lot is “What should I eat every day to promote my health?” It’s hard planning your diet, and you want to make sure that everything you’re putting into your body is going to yield a nutritional benefit.

Early on, when I started studying nutrition, I learned about the nutritarian lifestyle which I discussed here: Fruits per day

This lifestyle promotes GBOMBS as the key to integrating healthy, disease-fighting foods into your life on a daily basis.


GBOMBS Stands For:

  • G: Greens:  
    • Why?— Greens are a foundational food, and if possible, should be included in every meal. Raw greens are proven cancer fighters. Chew your greens thoroughly, in order to break down the cell walls to release their immune-boosting and anti-cancer effects.
    • What?–There are so many greens, including spinach, romaine, broccoli, brussels sprouts, green beans, etc. The best way to include them is to serve a salad with lunch and dinner to ensure you get a good dose of greens throughout the day.
  • B: Beans, Peas, and Lentils:
    • Why?–Eating beans regularly helps to reduce tumors due to a protective compound called Ip-5.  This compound inhibits a key enzyme involved in tumor growth.
    • What?–Try adding lentils to marinara sauce, making some warm lentil soup, enjoying hummus, and adding black beans on salads. Try to aim for 1/2 cup a day.
  • O: Onions:
    • Why?–In numerous studies, there was a 50-88% reduction in the incidence of various cancers when onions are consumed. When you cut an onion, a chemical reaction occurs where it releases anti-cancer sulfur compounds.
    • What?–Raw and cooked onions both yield this benefit, as long as they are chopped first to release the sulfur compounds. Add onions to everything-salads, omelettes, sandwiches, soups, grilled.
  • M: Mushrooms:
    • Why?–Mushrooms are known as the KING of cancer fighting All-Stars. They work in 3 ways
      • 1. Antigen Binding Lectins–These compounds found in mushrooms stick to abnormal cells so the body can attack and remove them before they become cancerous.
      • 2. Angiogenesis Inhibitors–These compounds inhibit new blood vessel growth.  (Blood vessels feed tumors with nutrients and oxygen). Therefore, these inhibitors starve tumors.
      • 3. Aromatase Inhibitors–These compounds prevent the body from making excess estrogen, which is helpful in the prevention of breast cancer.
    • What?–Portobello mushrooms are great for sandwiches. OR you can top them with marinara sauce and pizza toppings to make little mushroom pizzas. Mushrooms are also great on top of bread to make a mushroom bruschetta, or you can stuff them, or grill and add to salads.
  • B: Berries
    • Why?–Berries provide powerful anti-cancer benefits. Ellagic acid and anthocyanins help inhibit the growth of abnormal and cancer cells. Berries are also proven to help slow down aging of the brain and prevent dementia.
    • What?–Include berries at least once per day. I like to mash up raspberries and add chia seeds to top my toast in the morning.
  • S: Seeds and Nuts
    • Why?–Seeds and lignans (a group of chemical compounds found in plants) have been proven to prevent and reverse certain cancers. The importance of flaxseeds was discussed here.
    • What?–Brazil nuts, walnuts, and almonds are amazing sources of omega-3s to add to your diet. Sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, etc. are all amazing options to top your salads.  Chia seeds and flaxseeds are great options to add to smoothies, yogurt, or salads. There are so many options out there! Aim for at least one ounce a day.


As you can see, G-BOMBS are just the weapon you need to defend your body against dangerous diseases. Plan your meals ahead of time in order to incorporate all of these foods on a daily basis. Remember, your fork is a powerful tool.

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