Goals for the Week

Last week, I was pretty satisfied with my accomplishments with my goals. I went to Pure Barre, used the DuoLingo app, made date balls and cauliflower breakfast pizza. I didn’t organize my clothes yet, but I will let that slide. This week I want to up the workouts, in preparation for spring/summer.



  1. Try Out This Workout:30 Minute Barre
  2. Tone It Up 5 moves of the day: Each day of the week there are 5 moves to add on to your typical workout.
  3. Plan 4 recipes for Bath Witch Party
  4. Plan Easter Egg Hunt for my sister/Easter recipe (Thinking of an asparagus bruschetta)
  5. Buy myself an Easter present (I deserve it!)
  6. Try out a recipe for this chili lime carnitas jackfruit
  7. Finish the book The Castaways by Elin Hildebrand. Definitely obsessed with finding out what happens. I’m so behind on my reading challenge for the year because I get caught up in books that don’t always entertain me.
  8. Need to order this pineapple slicer and dicer for the spring/summer months. I saw them use it on the kitchen and it looks like it would be a real pineapple game changer for me.

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