Obsessed With…To Do Lists

Sure, To-Do lists are something super organized people already know about. However, I am new to the game, and I am surprised by just how much they have increased my PRODUCTIVITY.

I am a hugeeeee procrastinator, and super forgetful. I’ve always had a planner, but forget to use it sometimes, and even at that, I only write big things in it, like meetings and events.

My new daily to-do lists help me to organize all of the tasks I need to get done in a day, and it pushes me to complete even MORE.

I’m not yet on the level of adding a schedule to my phone. I love to use the little one dollar notebooks you can buy at walgreens or CVS. Writing things down and crossing them off makes me happy and less stressed. (Remembering to do things on your own can be super stressful).

These mini notebooks are easy to transport from pocketbook-to desk-to supermarket.

And I will just JOT whatever comes to mind. This may be blog ideas, things I need to buy, tasks I need to accomplish, etc. They’re not written in any organized fashion, but they are separated by day.

Anything I didn’t finish gets moved to the next day. (Prior to using lists, these things were in danger of being forgotten about).

I even planned to accomplish things during my snow day yesterday. And I DID. Super Simple but Super Helpful to organize a lazy procrastinator like me. (Pretty sure I need to read this book).


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